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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> burning apartment buildings captured on cell phone cameras as sleeping residents wake up to flames and smoke in san francisco. good morning. thanks for joining us. 5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we do have a team in place at the fire that flared up next to highway 101. christie smith now talking to neighbors who are now forced out of their homes. let's start things off with bob redell with the latest from the firefighters. what's happening? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and marla. we're on the scene where the fire is out. it's been out for some time around 3:00 this morning. one man is in custody in relation to this. give you a little wit of the lay of the land. we're near 101 and 280. looking up the street is boutwell. give you a sense of how serious this fire was, san francisco had about a third of their on-duty staff. many still out here. 130 firefighters roughly, the fire started in that second building of boutwell, a vacant
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building now destroyed and from there expect three other two-story m two-story homes, they suffered serious damage. everyone was able to get out okay. the fire department ended having to call for a fourth alarm. that gives you an idea how serious it was. there was so much flame shooting out that it went across street and caught a deck on fire. >> the bigger challenge probably, we're kind of lucky the buildings were only two stories. if they were all three it might have spread quicker but they did a good job by not letting it get -- there are four buildings up there, with that amount of fire and that quick, it's easy to use a block. they did a good job containing it. doing attack on the exposure. >> trying to avoid a downed power line.
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>> reporter: there was one person who had to be checked out by emt but turns out they were okay. possibly suffering smoke inhalation. they were treated and released. as i mentioned one person is in custody, this is how sfpd. it's a white man, around 61, witnesses say they saw him run from the scene. it's possibly that vacant sight where quarters plai sta s squat. he is in custody on suspicion. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we continue our coverage right now with christie smith. she's talking to neighbors out there about what they saw. >> reporter: scary for neighbors who were rocked out of their sleep, had to run in the sleep with the clothes on their back. i'm going to step aside so you can see how busy it is.
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there is a san francisco fire ladder truck going up to where it burned. others getting help from the red cross that is now out here. i spoke with one woman who told me there had been problems before with squatters in the initial home that burned. she saw video on her cell phone as she ran outside. she told me her fire caught fire in almost the same way in 2009. here is now she scrambled to get out. >> pretty much we hear crackling like a wood burning fire. we looked out the window and you called see the fire shoot out so we pretty much got our stuff and left. at least our phones and wallet and dog, we're pretty much displaced again. >> she tells me she believes that squatters are are
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responsible for the fire in july twof 009. almost to the day because it was july 4th. just about the same time. i spoke with one police officer on the scene, to confirm that information and he said this is all under investigation. i think bob was alluding to that. we were told about 50 people were displaced. now i'm told it's closer to 20. there is a muni bus providing shelter for those who need it. christie smith, "today in the bay" zhxt thank you. quite a few people forced out of their homes. mike is here to tell us how this is happening on the roads. >> you saw all of the equipment. you talked about the muni bus so that's on surface streets. for a short period fire being so close to 101 and 280 it had chp involved, called to the nene on the northbound side as you pass
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and seeing cars were pulled over because of this, it was on a hill. the fire is out but avoid bayshore boulevard parallel to 101 at that point south of 280. at boutwell is the portion that is south of 28 o. another portion near augusta and bayshore boulevard. you can avoid bayshore boulevard north of silver and silver under the free to san bruno area. you have to avoid all of the equipment. then you get back over there to the freeway. a lot of directions that you didn't know the free pays are moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, fighting for benefits. thousands of bay area nurses taking a stand this morning by walking off the job all over
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again. the one-day strike from oak hand to san mateo. this is the fifth walkout since september. a member of hitting the ticket line for one day starting at 7:00 this morning. they have been negotiating a new contract since summer and say the hospital is asking for too many concessions and cuts. in oakland, it's poise appointed it could not be avoided. they hired replacement nurses to till in. >> two signs to protect from theft. the homeowner protection package approved by state lawmakers protects homeowners from sudden foreclose nur while working on modifications with the benders. and provide a single point of contact instead of shovingle
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them. it makes the first state in the country to extend to all homeowners the terms of the national mortgage settlement. >> all or nothing vote on california's high speed rail could mean hundreds of millions lost for an existing rail line. governor jerry brown was trying to lump local train projects on the $68 billion rail line. those include $140 million for b.a.r.t. cars, $105 million to mot earnize cool train. and 46.5 million, between oakland and san jose. the rail needs 21 votes to start spending voters approved colors. that could come as early as today. >> a former uc dunker is being shoe after one of his victims
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committed suicide. his parents named the uc regents in their suit. they say the university was negligent in supervising dr. robert kava who worked at the health center. he was charged last year with sexually ataulting six male students. staffer committed suicide in march as a result of that abuse. >> 5 :08. a protest at lake view elementary has been going on almost three weeks. lakeview and four others scheduled to close due to budget cuts and low enrollment. oakland police posting warning signs that the families are breaking the law bought the school district says it has no immediate plans to force them out. >> an increased chance of crime.
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it can distinguish between fireworks and gun fire. police are going to use it to help focus first on gun fire and then track down on illegal firk use. >> brace for extra police points around the area. officers will also be looking for unsafe drivers to may be speeding or not swearing seat belts. the fourth of july is one of the lesliest holidays for drunk driving. for a list of local rules check out there is also a special page for fourth of july activities. >> i got to add nate south of july eve snuck up on me. i wek in with christina. >> tomorrow we peak in time for the fourth of july but i think that's part of the reason why it doesn't feel like july because it hasn't felt that way weather
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wise. we're hitting our seasonal averages. that was san jose. you can see from the bay bridge it's clear this morning. let's talk about what's happening out there. in the 50s. 55 in confort. 56 degrees comfortable in san jose. you dond need that jacket. great day to hit the fair. all the way through the eighth of this month. beautiful conditions in pleasanton. 74, breezy at 8. a fires show tonight but not tomorrow night. 9:00 p.m. 74 at noon. up to 84 degree degrees in the heat of the day. warmer weather. you might be turning on the ac in some cities. we'll tell you where coming up and help you plan that fourth of july celebration if yao you have not made your plans, where you get the bees seat in the house. back to you guys. >> thank you very much.
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well, good news for south bay commuters. improvements completed at san jose expressway. the roads have been widened and several new exit lanes. a ceremony on the project will be held later on this morning. >> more room for lions, migers and bears. >> you want to get a job at facebook. get in line behind all of these high school kids. the academy at the tech giant. >> of course for your latest news, traffic, weather, deck buttous. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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>> good tuesday morning. welcome back on this fourth of july eve. and what a shot over san francisco. the sun glistening off of the clouds, making it look like they have a spotlight out there. look at the colors. i love this. 5:14. >> the 49ers, they want their money back. today they are going to court to try to get it. 49ers are taking santa clara county to court to reclaim $30 million that the county pulled from the team's south bay stadium. the 30 million comes from redevelopment money earmarked for the stadium by voters back in 2010. but the county now has control of that money after the state dissolved local redevelopment agencies earlier this year. the county says it would rather use the 30 million to fund schools and education services. the 49ers say the county doesn't have a right to do that. >> a story around facebook.
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the company investing in the future, welcoming a group of high school students to its campus this week for the new facebook academy. the academy is a month-long internship program for high schoolers. these kids will work with employees assigned to be their mentors and yes, they all get to eat at the facebook cafeteria. even better, it's free. the academy part of the deal facebook cut to help neighboring communities as it moves forward. >> do they know how much teenagers eat? >> set them back with billions of dollars. retailers hoping to have spending sizzle even though the holiday -- >> for more on that we turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. futures are lower right now, at least modestly so indicating we
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could start that way when wall street opens. a mixed session on monday, stocks, after a report showed growth in u.s. manufacturing fell last month, that marks the first contraction in the sector in about three years. stocks did manage to recover some by the close. asian markets rose, europe also higher. this morning we're waiting on data on factory orders and automakers report their sales. a half day of trading ahead of the holiday. stock and bond markets close 1:00 p.m. eastern time. the dow to 12,871. the the nasdaq to 2951. people may choose to barbecue, a survey finds 21% say they don't plan to celebrate and those who are will spend less. an average of $191 on food and
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travel to fireworks down from 216. it could drop during the middle of the week. millions of americans hit the roads, they are getting a gift at the pump. prices for regular unleaded down 21 cents per gallon from a year ago. i know you are paying more. gas averaging 3.89 and oakland it's 3.75. in san jose it's cheaper at 3.74. >> thanks so much. >> i'm mesmerized by all of that grilling. >> a lot of food. >> right now my taste buds -- >> no one cooks an angus beef burger like jon kelley. a great time to break out the
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grill. we don't have elevated fire danger. tomorrow we will. we have on shore flow that's keeping our coastline nice and moist. a lot of moisture out there, in fact, so much so that you'll find a little drizzle on the way to work if you're heading up from san jose. at 5:18, a beautiful start. 56 degrees here. 54 in livermore. 54 in san mateo. and uniform numbers from san francisco to san jose. you're not as warm in mo va too at 45 but the fog is going to clear by two to three hours. as a result more sunshine in the north bay and temperatures will climb 3 to 5 degrees but your futurecast tells the story. we stop at 10:00 a.m., a little lingering cloud cover. that will burn off quickly and meet back for the midday broadcast. high pressure is in control, it's going to move inland. tomorrow we'll peek in time for
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the fourth of july so you really want to be on your best. sparklers or legal fireworks, play it safe. 73 at 5:00 p.m. in san francisco. it's going to be phenomenal in the city tomorrow. for viewing the fireworks with offshore flow. there is one caveat. that fog is going to roll back in between 10:30 and midnight in san francisco. so your earlier fireworks shows, those are the best. those start at 9:00 p.m. as we head throughout the rest of the week, temperatures hover in mid-80s inland. the coast, between the low 70s and upper 60s throughout monday. really, no significant changes. all the way through the next seven to eight days. >> that's pretty good getting a fair taste of summer.
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>> we're looking here to the san ramon valley where we have construction and we do tonight as well or this morning i should say. the off ramp is closed now and that's through the area where we lose a couple of lifrpgs. over here we're seeing the slowdown out of the altamont pass. not a big deal. commute direction, eastbound at vasco. gravel across lanes so there will be clattering if you are traveling east out of pleasan n pleasanton. note, sweeper scheduled. i'll warn you if i get a notice about that. >> 880. a smooth drive, some slips also for 101 and 87, north of 680 and curtner, that's unusual. i've seen that on the cameras but i'll track that. no existence.
5:21 am
i'll make sure it's clips. if it's a pattern like to know that. across the dumbarton bridge, crews want to get out because it's vacation week for some, at least for tomorrow. no vacation here, looking at the closure and the fire-related activity. avoid baseball avenue. that's off of the 101/280 interchange. head under the freeway, silver, san frun avenue around the scene. we're looking at the bay bridge. no problems for fog coming in. so far traffic flows smoothly. back to you. >> good news for animal lovers. the oakland zoo about to get bigger and better. the zoo had struggled to get approval to expand the park but a judge ruled in his favor, effectively blocking environment it groups to stop that
5:22 am
expansion. the sue will develop into the park. it plans to build a veterinary hospital and new animal exhibit. critics wanted the zoo to complete a pull report. >> a home invasion. we're told a woman has been shot. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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>> a developing story this morning. union city police looking for suspects involved in a home invasion robbery. >> one woman was shot, another person injured. marla tellez live right now in union city with the latest on this investigation. marla, what can you tell us is happening? >> reporter: good morning to you both. we're going to give you a look at the scene. this is on the 4100 block of hanford treat in union city.
5:25 am
it's very much an active scene with police officers and investigators exiting this home that has been cordoned off with crime scene tape. a home invasion robbery happened at this home last night about 10:30. it left a 62-year-old woman in the hospital after she was shot and her son also in the hospital after he was hit in the head by one of the suspects. according to police, this happened when three suspects forced their way in. some scuffle happened and that's when the woman was shot and her son hit. both, again, taken to the hospital. her skn not known but her son is expected to survive. officers say the motive clearly was theft. unclear if they got away with anything, actually. but they did get away on foot. so this morning police in union city are asking for your help f. you know anything about this
5:26 am
home invasion robbery that left a woman shot and her son in the hospital, you are asked to call union city police. that's the latest from here. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest. >> 5:26. we check back in with christina loren. >> a beautiful day shaping up. we have a gorgeous sun rise over san jose. temperatures are going to be at their most comfortable until about noon inland. at 68 bayside, 62 at the coast. rounding out the day in mid-80s instand. the 70s by the way. 67 degrees in half moon bay. tomorrow we get warmer for independence day. first here is mike and your drive. >> looking to the east bay, highway 4 slowing as a unusual suspect. not the usual direction. eastbound shows all of the slowing because of the full closure and crews are moving
5:27 am
from the seen. we're looking at an easy drive, as you get across into san francisco, 101 and 280 we're watching that activity that continues after that fire. more coming up. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 5:27. still ahead, flames ripped through two apartment buildings forcing sleeping residents out onto the streets. >> plus, is the suspect really the victim in a priest assault days? >> a marin county man mauled.
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>> at least 100 firefighters scrambling in san francisco as several apartment buildings burn near highway 101. good morning everybody. thank you for joining us. the time is 5:29. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have a team in place at the
5:30 am
four-alarm fire. christie smith talking to neighbors about the flames and the smoke that forced them out of bed. let's check in with bob with the latest from the firefighters. >> reporter: good morning to you. the fire is out right now there is an arson investigator out here at the scene which is near 101 and 280 in the silver terrace neighborhood of san francisco. they are trying to determine a cause. police have a 61-year-old man in custody for his possible involvement in starting this. the fire started in a vacant building to your left. you can't see it because of the ladder truck coming. it's the second from the bottom of the street. that's a plate that has been home to squatters. police tell us they saw this man running out of the building. he was arrested, when he returned, fire started around 3:00 and spread to three other buildings. everyone escaped. the fire was so intense and
5:31 am
involved when the trucks started to arrive the fire department called for a fourth alarm, involving 120 to 130 firefighters, about a third of the entire on-duty staff. they were able to stop it from taking the entire block. >> i had concerns when we first arrived on the scene. we had fire basically in four buildings when we arrived on the scene and the main building that was burning was burning from top to bottom, which is unusual in itself. and i had serious concerns across the street. >> maybe somebody started this? >> yes. >> reporter: again, one man in custody. the vacant building did collapse, the other three homes are so damaged that no one can live in them. the flames did spread across the street and caught a deck on fire
5:32 am
but the department was able to put that out and keep it from spreading. reporting live in the silver terrace neighborhood, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we continue our coverage right now with "today in the bay's" christie smith. what are the neighbors telling you? >> good morning. there are neighbors who are walking around in blankets, some of them are on a muni bus parked behind me here, a spokesman says people could get out of the cold. right now about 20 people are displaced. i tried to talk with some and they look up as shock saying that they think their home was burned or damaged and trying to get closer up the street. i just spoke with a care giver to an 88-year-old and 92-year-old. she tells me she got an emergency phone call overnight that this building was on fire or near the fire so she got here in minutes to try to help.
5:33 am
the read cross is here. and they got out after a neighbor banged on their door. the caregiver explained how they got out. >> the 88-year-old helped the 92-year-old, he had a toop in his hands. he was coming down but the fire wurnt and red skros taking him out. he dropped because the first burned him on his hands. >> he made it out. >> he made it out. >> reporter: another neighbor tells me that her house was damaged in a fire july 4th of 2009, that it was squatters in an empty home tied to it. so she is thinking that could be the the case again this time which i believe, bob alluded to in his report. again, they tell us about 20 people needing help and the rest
5:34 am
cross personally has this and again, a muni bus helping people who need it. christie smith, "today in the bay." $thank you. quite the scene. for a look at what's happening let's turn it over to mike inouye. >> for a period of time, bob said this happened about 3:00 in the morning, very dark, basically that fire up on the hill along side the highway, caused cars on 101 to stop. chp said continue moving. fortunately no subsequent on the or laugh ramp. that's the reroute. avoid bayshore boulevard. between silver and 280. you'll take silver and take san bruno as your salt nat. that's for city streets. line for the muni line, they have to go around that closure and the fire activity.
5:35 am
keep that in mind. for the morning commute, 101 both directions as well as 280 moving through the interchange. we'll track all of this activity. off of the freeway on bay shore boulevard. >> a developing story out of union city. police continue searching for suspects wanted for a violent home invasion. at least two people in a home were hurd in this incident. a 62-year-old woman as shot by a suspect. police have not released her condition. her son is not considered life threatening for his injuries. we'll have a report later on to let you know what is opening. right now police moving in on parents and teachers camped out in oakland. >> they have been at the school for nearly three weeks protesting the decision to close it. we're joined on the phone by nick palmquest who helped with that protest. what's the latest out there.
5:36 am
>> it's a little before 4:00, 12 squad cars two paddy wagons, ordered -- >> was any one arrested? did you comply? is everyone leaving? >> they are in the process of arresting a couple of parents and community members now. some were able to leave. they turned down the camp. >> we're looking at live video as we talk about the encamp meant itself. >> you have been there 17 days, protesting that they are going to close that down. what do you have planned next? are you going to stay there? >> we have a rally at 5:00 to protest the fact that they are closing down the school not once but twice, that they have the money and they are not finding the moneys correctly. instead of protecting our children. we have a lalry at 5:00. that's the next.
5:37 am
>> we don't have a picture of the spoke. how many parents are in the protest with you? >> i can't say exactly but there's at least a few. >> at least a few. >> and were the police aggressive in coming out there? >> they have not been except for the fact there are 20 police, which is ridiculous which has been a nonviolent protest. they have come in every day we had our people which has educated students every day. yet this is the final word they have on this. >> well, thank you very much. you rally today at 5:00. we'll continue to follow this developing story. nick palmquest, a protester out there at lakeview elementary that they protest the closure of the school. >> 5:37. in the hands of the jury.
5:38 am
the bay air man accused of beating up a priest is waiting to see if he himself will be sent to jail. william lynch admits attacking father gerald linder because the priest arrested him and his brother when they were boys. the jury reconvenes this morning at 9:00. >> this is a scary seen and this morning a hunt is on for a lion. a man decided to spend the night under the stars. the department of fish and game says that man was in a sleeping bag when the animal attacked, tearing his scalp and scratching his back. the man was able to drive himself to a hospital and he was treated and then released. this marks only the 15th confirmed mountain lion attack in the states over the last 120 years. >> rotting floors, no bathrooms
5:39 am
and rats. a new norm says this faces students. the suit was filed against the district on behalf of two concerns taxpayers. it demands it relocate the day school citing substandard conditions. the students have been subjected to leaky ceilings, no heat among other deplorable conditions. >> pg&e points out it costs a lot to keep you safe. now they want you to foot that bill. the company wants to raise its rates more than $2 billion. the company says it will use that money to increase staff and add new gas leak technology. the improvements are needed to prevent another sun brawno disaster. if regulators approve next year here is how it breaks down.
5:40 am
the typical customer with gas and electric would pay $12 more per month starting in 2014. >> we've been lucky lately. it has been so mild in the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> we've got a great looking day starting with a live picture, you can see the marine layer. let's get to your temperatures, in the 50s headed to the 80s and i i want to point out in danville, i'll be out in the parade. hour by hour, 70 degrees at noon. 84 inland. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> coming up, swanky trips, how about bling. a company bribes doctors. i'll go east coast for the philly cheesesteak omelette.
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no, let's go to the heartland for the midwestern meat & potatoes sandwich. wait umm, yeah. try the seven regionally inspired dishes of the tour of america menu. only at denny's.
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>> welcome back. 5:42. it's called the largest health care fraud settlement in u.s.
5:43 am
history. >> and this morning a pharmaceutical giant admitting to bribing doctors and failing to disclose health risks. tracie potts with a look at the $3 billion fallout. good morning. >> good morning. glaxosmithkline you are probably familiar with some of their well known prescription, paxil avandia, well bu trin and others, they are now facing 3 billion in fines including a billion in criminal fines and 2 billion in civil settlements, the largest type settlement we have seen in a case of health care fraud. doctors according to the case were bribed with hawaiian and european vacations, paid speaking events, concert tickets. for the mos part for prescribing these off label. they admit that they promoted paxil as an antidepressant for
5:44 am
kids. it is not approved for children. the same with well bu trin. it's approved for none of that. the reps were promoting it for that. the avandia had a heart risk more than normal. they didn't disclose that. that's now on the label. the bottom line, the ceo says that they learned from their mistakes, some of these happened over a decade ago and while they admit no wrong doing they are signing an integrity agreement, their drug reps will no longer be paid on how much they sell and if they break the rules they lose their bonus. now they are going to be monitored for the next five years by the federal government. >> as well they should. thank you. >> serious stuff. right now developing news, a search continues in union city for suspects wanted in a violent home invasion. >> at least two were hurt including a woman who was shot. marla tellez joins us live with an update on the investigation.
5:45 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura and jon. this happened about seven hours ago but as you can see behind me, still very much an active scene. we see plenty of investigators and police officers making their way in and out of this home. this is on the 4100 block of hanford street, not far from 880 in union city. again, this happened last night, 10:20 p.m., a home invasion robbery gone very wrong. we understand according to police that three suspects forced their way inside this home, four people were home at the time. at that point some sort of altercation happened. and that's when a 62-year-old woman was shot, her adult son was also hurt by one of the suspects. this morning we cannot tell you the condition of the woman, police not releasing her condition. according to police her adult son is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries so he is expected to survive.
5:46 am
in the end police are telling us this morning that three people got away, they are asking for the public's help. if you know about this robbery you are asked to call union city police. i spoke to the officers and they tell me that while they are investigating, no one is home, the people who live here, we're unsure where they are at this point, this hour, this morning. as they continue to investigate. that's the latest from here. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> switching gears to the countdown to london. the golden boy of summer olympics isn't going for a repeat. >> he will still be strong. michael flepphelps says he will scratch the 200 meter free style to focus on doing well in seven events. that means a 14-time gold medalist will not equal the record in beijing when he won eight golds. phelps qualified in five
5:47 am
individual events, also for three relays, those as well as the 200 and 400 medley and 100 and 200 butterfly. look for phelps to come out swimming strong. the medals locked up along wit the crown jewels. for safekeeping there. the first will be awarded on july 28 at a women's shooting event. they feature the image of nike, the greek goddess of victory and the river thames on the flip side. an olympic ambush. look at these kids. they are running the torch and try to snatch it. i still got it. the torchbearer kt going. look, one more time. the little guys were quick. security nabbed the boys. they said beat it. and the flame continues making
5:48 am
its way to london for the opening ceremonies. yeah. >> look at this, mom. look at this, mom. we're 24 days from the start of the upper olympics in london. stay with way area and head over to bay with in depth coverage including details on the u.s. water polo team made up of mostly stanford muscle and brawn. >> i like those men out there having a good time. crazy kids. security like go. >> scram, kids. >> weather, another nice day ahead. >> another nice day. make sure you are proud of your kids today. dress them cool for the day. can you imagine being their mother. good morning to you. we've got a good looking day shaping up and tomorrow, let me be the first to remind you is the fourth of july. a gorgeous fourth of july for us in the bay area. we're going to get some of the
5:49 am
best weather across the nation. we have been getting that good weather and we're going to hold onto it as we head throughout tomorrow. so beautiful day ahead. 5:49. a live look at san francisco. here is san jose. you can see just completely clear, a beautiful start over the south day. we have a great looking day. temperatures are warmer than yesterday. you want that warmth for the fourth of july because you want to be able to go to the beach and watch those fireworks from san francisco, pacifica, half moon bay. you're going to be treated to a gorgeous day tomorrow, completely clear at 9:00 p.m. over the greater bay area. 53 to start in sunnyvale, 54 degrees this morning here in san jose. high pressure is back. and today, it's going to amplify and nudge that track to the north. taking that area of low pressure off to our north. we have a moderate onshore flow. as we wake up tomorrow, very little cloud cover hugging the coast. we're talking about the 60s and
5:50 am
70s, at the coast mid 80s inland. if you wanted to hit the fair, 81 at 4:00 p.m. breezy tonight. once the sun goes down. as you know, sun doesn't go down until 9:00 p.m. that's when we hit star light. that's when most of the fireworks shows will start. 73 at 5 p.m. at 9:00 p.m. for the viewing. parklers, that night in the sky, beautiful. 76 in san jose. 63 in san francisco. what is cool about fourth of july, the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound, that's why you see the glitter before you hear that boom. 84 on friday. saturday and sunday temperatures stay mild, in mid-80s. these are seasonal averages. finally getting a stretch of weather appropriate.
5:51 am
>> moom as far as slowing, speeds, there is your traffic example. boom. as you come west through antioch. the eastbound side as the construction cleared. a little lighter than typical. of course it's a holiday week for some. getting tomorrow off and some have extended it throughout the week. we're holding steady with this slowing as well in out of the altamont pass, more blippage west of vasco. not a major concern for 580. the construction should be clearing up soon on 680 the lanes are open heading up to the san ramon valley. south through sunol, a smooth drive. i'll be the grand marshal for this holiday parade tomorrow. looking to the south bay with a smooth drive, the blips we saw earlier have all cleared so no major issues for the south bay
5:52 am
commute. an easier drive here. fast san mateo bridge toll plaza. a little haze, low clouds, drivers are okay along 101 into san francisco. also a similar haze but it's not so bad. you can see the span, guys. back to you. >> what are your duties as a grand marshal? >> i'll be grand marshalling people. >> it's 5:52. coming up, an acclaimed author and journalist coming out of the closet. why he says now is the time to share his story.
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> video of lake view elementary in oakland where oakland unified school district police have raided the encampment there.
5:55 am
they tried to move out a group of parents, teachers and organizers that have been there nearly 17 days. they were protesting that the school was closing. they are going to have a rally at 5:00 p.m. outside of lake view. >> 5:55. anderson cooper has come out confirming that he is in fact gay. for years the journalist had avoided talking about his personal life in public. cooper wrote in an online letter yesterday, he had kept his sexual orientation private for personal and professional reasons. he says he realized remaining silent gave the impression he was ashamed and in fact says he is happy and proud of being gay. >> 5:55. "the avengers" got the box office to a hot start. today another marvel super hero hopes to keep through going. the amazing spiderman opens around the country. the amazing spider man.
5:56 am
andrew garfield replacing toby mcguire. he imagined being spider man since he was 3. >> i convinced myself i didn't need it. you know what, if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. but then you know, there is a 3-year-old inside me that is waiting by the phone. >> really. waiting by the phone. emma stone plays gwen, the girlfriend. their romance also said to have blossomed off screen. stone says acting with garfield immediately felt great. >> speaking of blossoming, the weather outside is perfect for flowers. right? >> flowers, yes. love, always. good morning to you. a great looking day shaping up. temperatures will approach mid-70s at noon, 84 at 4:00 p.m., 74 bay side and 67 at the coast. tomorrow big day around the bay area. we have parades in fremont,
5:57 am
danville, san francisco has a big show, of course major sales across the bay area. your full forecast for those events coming up. here is mike and your drive. >> we're looking at a tire that was in lanes and a car hit so it a minor accident southbound 101. that's the only issue, no slowing through san rafael. that accident is on the shoulder. a live look on the toll plaza. the toll plaza is lightly backed up, just in the cash lanes. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> still ahead, sleeping neighborhood wakes up to flames and smoke as two apartment buildings wurn. good morning! wow.
5:58 am
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>> good morning. i'm bob redell live on the scene of a four-alarm fire in


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